About K-Mega Farms


K-Mega Farms is the Agribusiness subsidiary of the parent company, Kashir-Mega Limited founded in 1990 and incorporated in 1992. The Farm is the culmination of childhood exposure to backyard poultry, hands-on experiences through primary and secondary (grade) school and formal post-employment training of the proponents of the venture; Mr. Olusoga Adebiyi Awobajo, Bsc.(Hons) Microbiology, Unife, MSc. Environmental Science; and his wife Mrs. Oluyemisi Adeola Awobajo, also BSc.(Hons) Microbiology, Unife and MSc Educational Psychology, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas USA. Having served a combined 48 years in employment, both are now meritoriously retired to nurture their immensely satisfying dreams of a life in Agriculture.

Land acquisition from 7 hectares began in 2005 along with basic arable farming. Egg production at the subsistence level of about 250,000 units per annum was introduced in 2008 with direct utilization of the 2006 and 2007 maize harvest as feed components. Today, K-Mega Farms has added an 8 hectare Mango Orchard which is also used along with other available land for annual production of wholly organic maize used as feed supplement.

Egg production now stands at about 9 million units per annum. Broilers are produced for seasonal markets and festival occasions. We also strive to provide year-round Cockerel availability while Catfish grow-out to table size is an adjunct to benefit from the on-going integration. Our latest offering of Point-of-Cage and Point-of-Lay pullets is geared towards assisting our small scale and backyard poultry neighbours to overcome the guesswork and limit their risks of asset losses.

K-Mega Farms recognizes its position as a secondary player in the national Poultry industry. Consequently, we closely operate in partnership with certified hatcheries for our Day Old Chicks (DOC), renowned feed millers and vaccines/medications suppliers for the wellbeing and top notch performance of our birds.

Our core Values

In all our operations, K-Mega Farms is guided by its Core Values of:

  • Value Creation

  • Uncompromising quality

  • Professionalism

  • Trustworthiness and

  • Team Work

Farm Managers


Mr. Kunle Ogunlade (Manager)

Kunle holds an OND from the Federal College of Agriculture, Akure, Ondo State. He also holds a Bachelors degree in Agriculture from the University of Abeokuta.
With 10 years experience in practical agricultural production, Kunle has worked in supervisory roles on various farms, inclusive of Green Links Int. Ltd., Ibara, Abeokuta and Banawayo Agric Service Co. Ltd., Jericho, Ibadan.


Mr. Manaseh Adams (Assistant Manager)

As a West African Examinations Certificate holder, Manase joined the farm shortly after its inception.
By Putting his back to the grind under the tutelage of the CEO and Manager, in addition to external courses on fisheries, Manase Adams has in the space of 5 years become proficient enough to run the farm in an Assistant Manager capacity.

Management Team

Mr. Olusoga Awobajo

Mrs. Oluyesmisi Awobajo

Mr. Tolu Awobajo
(Director, Finance & Staff Welfare)

Mr. Toyin Awobajo
(Director, Analysis & Strategy)



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