K-Mega Products


Tasty Eggs

At a production level of over 8 million eggs per annum, we aim to meet the daily egg requirement of a sizeable proportion of the teeming population of the Federal Capital and environs.

Our fully vaccinated and healthy birds fed on high nutrient feed and housed in comfortable fog-cooled houses produce large, all natural and fresh germ free eggs.

The eggs are low in sugar and high in very essential minerals like Selenium, Phosphorus, Riboflavin and Vitamin B12. We are strategically located to ensure that we serve you not later than 48 hours of production. Truly...nature fresh!



Farm fresh mangoes in season. Variety for your choice; Paul, Jullie, Alphonso and Marie.

Get your Vitamin C and flavonoid supplements nature fresh.



Our foundations are laid on solid rock. Day Old Chicks (DOC) with a pedigree from Yammfy and Ajanla Farms undergo pre-brooding serotyping by certified veterinary laboratories to augment hatchery recommended vaccination programs.

We go the extra mile to provide for stress free egg production and protection of the consuming public by further vaccinating our pullets against Mycoplasma spp. and zoonotic Escherichia Coli.

From all of these, we can proudly present for the farmers' peace of mind and bumper production, our;

Point of Cage (POC) birds at 12 weeks. At this stage, booster doses of Mycoplasma and E. Coli vaccinations may be optionally applied while the standard triple antigen vaccination (EDS/Kumarov/IB) is advisedly compulsory.

Point of Lay (POL) birds at 16 weeks. All vaccinations completed and commencement of egg production in about 7 - 14 days! We shall be pleased to provide additional flock serotyping by certified laboratories at minimal additional cost



For the traditional kitchen and established culinary preferences! Our cockerels spend the barest minimum brood time in confinement depending on seasonal conditions.

Thereafter they are essentially free range for their extended grow out period. The result is the unique home grown texture but more flesh and tastier meat; the best of two worlds!


Broilers (chicken)

As a matter of company policy and pride, our broilers shall not be made available to the market earlier than 8 weeks from day old.

Healthy, heavy and tasty, our broilers are low in sodium and a very good source of protein. They are also a good source of Niacin and Selenium, all essential mineral for good health.

Why get it frozen or in formalin preserved parts when you can have it live or freshly processed?



Catfish per excellence! Disease free, low fat, firm flesh and extra tasty.

For the traditional Pepper soup, Mama's kitchen, Stews and the exotic palate when filleted and appropriately seasoned.

Your source of Omega H3 and non-red meat proteins at reasonable prices.



Boon to arable land farmers, horticulturists, vegetable and market gardeners!

Preserve the environment, produce organically and realize bumper harvests without enslavement to inorganic fertilizer merchants.

Plant nutrient-rich litter available all year round.


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