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Start-ups can be daunting. What with the need for a realistic financial evaluation of the project proposal, all risks included? And when the financials says it is a 'GO'? Then comes the often times overwhelming considerations about proper emplacement of structures, sourcing of equipment and tools, processes and staff management, veterinary care, safe sourcing of stock and even governmental policy flip-flops!

A business plan to pave the way for bank finance may even be desirable! So when the poultry and fishery entrepreneurial bug bites, K-Mega Farms will be just an email or phone call away.

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Equipment Hire

- Seasonal tractor hire to small scale farmers
- Slasher hire for pre planting season and Harmattan season fire tracing



Industrial Attachment
We offer limited slots for a well-rounded interdepartmental Industrial Attachment to properly accredited undergraduates of relevant tertiary Institutions. (Polytechniques and Universities)

- Poultry Farming for Beginners
- Poultry Management
- Small scale catfish grow-out: Structures and processes


Contract Broiler Rearing

Rearing of broilers can sometimes be strenuous and time consuming, coupled with the constant need for detailed attention with respect to feeding, heat and medication.

We at K-Mega Farms offer a contractual rearing systems where, based on agreements between us and our clients, rear broilers up to 8 weeks and to the weight desired by our clients.

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